Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Doll

So this past Monday when I picked Mackenzie up from school, her teacher asked if she had a baby doll. I told her no, but we have lots of stuffed animals, especially elephants! She then proceeded to hold up another girl's baby doll so Mackenzie could see. Apparently, Mackenzie really likes dolls! Her eyes got big, she smiled, started jumping in my arms and reaching for the doll. Her teacher told her that we would get her a doll the next day. I think she knows us little too well! :) It wasn't Tuesday, but I did buy her a doll on Wednesday. I bought the only one they had that didn't have sound or movement - just your plain jane baby doll. It took a little getting used to, but she really likes it, especially the eyes. She likes to scratch at the eyes!

Please excuse the "I need a bath" hair. She didn't get a bath this morning as planned, so we are waiting until tonight. Unfortunately, Mackenzie inherited mine and Brandon's hair - must wash every day! I also realized after taking these pictures she still had a little dried squash on her face. Oh well, it's Sunday afternoon, no need to be dressed up! :)

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