Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

A year ago today, Brandon and I found out we were having a little girl, so I guess technically this is my second Mother's day! :) I remember it being the Monday after mother's day weekend because on Mother's day there were discussions about the names we had chosen for either a boy or girl. At the time, we had a boy's name, but Brandon was on the fence about the name Mackenzie. I remember both of our families really liking the name Mackenzie and by the time our dr.'s appointment was over and we knew we were having a girl, we had both agreed to Mackenzie. From that point on, it's been a whirlwind and I can't believe it's already Mother's Day again. I thought last year was great, but this year was even better. Last weekend I went shopping for my gift and got a new purse and wallet. One of Brandon's gifts was having patience with me as I walked around the same store for probably 30 minutes "trying on" purses! One of my favorite gifts was my card from Mackenzie. Brandon let her hold the pen and write on the card and I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see how the signature progresses through the years!

Our church has this event called Senior Baby Bible Day. Once a year, around graduation time, the elders at our church give the high school seniors and new babies from the past year a bible. Mackenzie received her first bible yesterday morning. My parents and Brandon's parents both came to church and afterward we had lunch at our house. Don't worry, I didn't have to cook - we picked up BBQ to go and had a great lunch. We enjoyed spending time with eachother and Mackenzie even had a mini little photo shoot so that some of us could have her background picture on our phones!

I hope all of you had a great Mother's Day weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun in the Sun

A miniature pool, swim diapers and sunblock...

a small swimsuit, large swimsuit, sunglasses and hat...

Looks promising...we shall see.

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