Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Easter

This past Sunday, Brandon, Mackenzie and I went to my hometown church to visit my family and celebrate Easter early. Mackenzie was the most active she's ever been during church. I actually had to take her to the nursery she was being so loud during the sermon! I think it was the combination 1 hour nap just before services and her bottle in the first 5 minutes of service - she was wide awake! After church we went to my parents' house to have lunch. My brother, sister-in-law and grandparents joined us and we had great tasting ham and baked potatoes! Mackenzie doesn't mind big crowds at say, church, restaurants or stores, but medium size crowds (12-20 people) tend to freak her out. The last time we visited my family, she didn't really want to be held by anyone and sometimes not even smiled at! This time with only 8 other people she did great! Eventually, she'll get used to the bigger family gatherings - she'll learn that with our family there usually aren't small gatherings and most of the time it will be a big crowd. I'm looking forward to many more family get-togethers as she gets older!

Mackenzie and Granny (her great-grandmother)

Mackenzie and Papa (her great-grandfather)

I couldn't resist the two picture of Mackenzie with my mom. They both seem to have the same expression on their faces, but I didn't really get a good picture of the two of them this time.

My dad showing Mackenzie the flowers outside.

This was Mackenzie with my brother Ryan at the last family gathering - it didn't go so well!

This time - much better!


  1. Oh yea, she looks much happier this time! I know everyone enjoyed her. I enjoyed her holding my hand during church. She just kept grabbing it and holding it. It was cute.

  2. PRecious!!!!! It was so great to see you guys on SUnday. Hope the trip this weekend goes well. Tell Nelda hello!


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