Saturday, March 21, 2009

6 months

I cannot believe Mackenzie is already 6 months old! Time flies so quickly...soon we'll be having her first birthday!

Wednesday we went to the doctor for her check up and shots. She did great once I held her for a minute or two. Here are her stats:
16 lbs 9 oz - 60 percentile
26.5 inches - 75 percentile

I realize I never have posted any pictures of her eating but that's because she's a really good eater and we haven't found a food that she dislikes - including prunes which we tried for obvious reasons! :) She like solids foods so much, we actually had to cut her back to 1 meal a day because she wasn't drinking her bottles. She eats oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, bananas, pears & apparently prunes! Foods still to try: peas, peaches and applesauce. I want to be the one who feeds her her new foods, so we'll have to wait until she's eating a second meal at night before we try those last 3 foods. If it's like the others, she should have no problem.

In the last week she has really started become more active. She is no longer content to lean back against you when she's sitting in your lap unless she's tired. (Church should be interesting tomorrow!) She sits in your lap and bounces, moves her legs and arms. She's sitting on her own for longer periods of time. She's reaching for more and more things with in arms length. This morning Brandon was holding her and picked up a picture to show her and she got a hold of it and bent it a little. Not that that is a big deal, it just shows us that things are changing! :)

She talks a lot - especially when she's in her exersaucer or playing on the floor. The daycare says she loves to talk and I just say she takes after me! :) We were able to get her to say something very close to Da Da the other day, so we were both pretty excited.

Her hair is getting a little longer. Not long enough to put in a pony tail by any means, but since Brandon and I aren't bow people, I can't wait for her hair to get a little longer so I can put it in little clips/barrettes.

So, kind of a rambling post, but what can I say, I love to talk - especially about Mackenzie! Here is her 6 month photo from this morning - note that she did not lean back against the couch - she wants none of that!


  1. What better to ramble on about than our sweet baby girls? :)

  2. Big girl! Half a year already - time does go by fast. I'm with Marcia - ramble away! It's sweet.


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