Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 firsts in 1 week

This week was full of firsts for Mackenzie. This past Sunday she went to Bible Class for the first time. I stayed in there and she did fine for most of the time. The only time she got a little fussy was because 2 other children were crying. It won't take long for her to realize, she has to be a little quicker when reaching for things. The older children were quick to take toys from the newbie! :)

Another first was her first bath in the big tub. I was waiting for her to be able to sit up fairly well before I moved to the big tub. After some of the stuff I read about babies getting scared of the vastness of the big tub and the sounds of the running water and drain, I was a little nervous, but she did great! In fact, she loves it. (Erin, you might notice something familiar in the corner of the picture.) She doesn't mind water in her face and she loves to try and grab at the floating ducks in the water.

Last, but not least was her first trip to the grocery store yesterday. Once again, I was waiting for her to be able to sit in the front of the grocery cart, so yesterday was our first trip. And again, she did great. I see many more trips in our future! :)

On another note, I picked up something special at Babies R Us when we were there yesterday. It's nice to know that Mackenzie's name isn't so unusual that she won't be able to find things with her name on them. Don't get me wrong, I love my name, but I've never had anything that had my name on it, unless it was especially made for me. They didn't have her name on a sippy cup, but they did on this cup. It's not something she'll use any time soon, but we'll use it eventually.


  1. Liz's tummy time toy! That's a great idea to put it in the bathtub. She has the prettiest smile in the tub picture. It was fun sitting with you guys today. Let's get the girls together soon to 'play.' And lunch sounds good next week!

  2. What great pictures!! How in the world did you manage to go 6 months without taking her to the grocery store??? That's amazing.

    I'm so happy to see her growing and learning so many new things.

  3. what a pretty little girl! i want to know how you went so long w/o taking her to the grocery store also!?!

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