Thursday, February 19, 2009

What were you thinking?

Every one of us has a picture or memory of us as a child where we ask our parents, "What were you thinking?". For me, it's the bangs that started half way back on my head. For my nephew it might be the halloween costume that was so big and hot that he got sick from being out in the Houston heat/humidity. For the Meyer's boys I can almost say without a doubt, its the picture of them in their clown suits, NOT for halloween, but a formal picture.

In 15 years, Mackenzie will look at these pictures and ask, "What were you thinking?" This is what I'll say:
1. You were given this outfit by 2 different people, so obviously many people thought it was cute.
2. It was chilly outside and you needed a jacket.
3. Most importantly, it made me and your daddy laugh! :)

This is a perfect outfit for Easter, I know, but I don't think it will still fit her by then! Have a Hoppy Day!


  1. Amen to the creepy clown outfits sans reasonable holiday explanation. I didn't really have any "what were they thinking?" pictures ... instead I have a "what was I thinking?" year or two. My ugly stage was unfortunate, and sadly, all my doing.

  2. You laugh, but I used this very outfit as Kate's Halloween costume. She was a "snuggle bunny". And she has the panda one in the 6 month size that she hasn't even worn yet.

  3. The face she is making tells it all...I can just imagine her thinking, can you take the picture already? This bunny is creeping me out

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