Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunday we had a belated Valentines date.
First we went here for lunch:

I love their bread and the Alice Springs Chicken was great! Then we went to the theater and saw this:

I highly recommend this musical. It's really funny and a little different from the movie. Brandon said he enjoyed it also.
Other people in attendance were:
and their many secret service men. We were on the balcony above them, so we only got to see the tops of their heads. :)

While we were out, these people came to our house to watch Mackenzie:

Apparently, my dad is also our new "yard guy" since he mowed our back yard before we got home and didn't tell us. I think this summer we'll have to go out every Saturday, so they can come babysit and mow our yard! :) Thanks for watching Mackenzie while we had a wonderful "dinner and a movie" date.

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