Monday, February 2, 2009

Fresh Air

This past weekend, I decided to see if Mackenzie would fit/enjoy her "big girl" stroller. We have the stroller frame that goes with the carrier, but we also have the regular stroller. We criss-crossed the straps for extra support since she's not sitting up on her own and went for a stroll. She looks really big in the stroller. I can't believe she's already 4 1/2 months. She really enjoyed being outside and talked a lot while we made the loop around the block.

Since I'm posting this picture, I thought I'd also post pics from a few weeks ago when I took her in the backyard and we played on a blanket. She also had lots of fun then to. Note to self - make time to play outside on weekends.


  1. She looks beautiful! Love the outdoor pics.

  2. Ohhh...your little girl is precious!! She is getting so big!

    My boys always love it outside too!


  3. She is super cute and adorable!! She really looks big in that stroller.

  4. She is getting so big! Love those beautiful big blue eyes and chubby legs.


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