Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Pictures

For all of those interested, I've posted some random pictures from the last 2 weeks.

This is how Mackenzie "plays" when the TV is on.

I think the TV was probably on this time as well! :)

4 months

This is for my Granny & Papa - notice the John Deer socks!

We decided to put Mackenzie in her swing the other night while we ate dinner. I think she liked it! :)

Apparently, she doesn't know how to retrieve a toy once she loses hold of it! :)


  1. I love how the yellow block is as big as her head! She is one pretty girl... Is she rolling over? Just curious from the first picture.

  2. no rolling she is in the picture is about as far as she goes. She once rolled from front to back when she was 12 weeks, but I think it was by accident, because it hasn't happened since.


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