Monday, December 22, 2008

Exersaucer fun!

The other night, Brandon decided to put Mackenzie in a walker we had been given from one of my coworkers. We weren't sure we were going to keep it because there isn't much room in our house for her to maneuver the walker around. Based on Mackenzie's reaction, I think we'll keep it in the kitchen for her to use while I'm cooking dinner. So at 3 months she is not by any means moving it around, but she did stay there quite content for probably close to 20 minutes. While 20 minutes may not seem like a lot to some people, it's amazing what I can get done in 20 minutes with TWO free hands! Since she enjoyed the walker so much, Brandon put together the exersaucer and she enjoyed that for a little while also. Here's to many more fun times in the walker and exersaucer!

I know she looks so small in the seat, but she really did enjoy it!
She kind of just hung there and let her feet touch the ground. I think she might have pushed up once or twice. Eventually she'll get the hang of it!
Fun in the exersaucer!


  1. The picture of her in the exersaucer is really the first time I've seen her look like you as a baby.


  2. Aw...she's so teeny! That's really sweet. See you soon!

  3. She does look just like that picture of you in your walker at about the same age. It's fun to see her venturing out more in life. :)

    Today Chloe said, "Mackenzie is really cute, but she's going to be annoying when she's three." LOL I told her she would still be cute then, too! :)


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