Monday, December 8, 2008

Early Christmas

Mackenzie had her first Christmas this past weekend and slept right through it! She woke up after we had opened all the presents and let me play "dress up" with her and her new clothes! :)
For the last 2 years my family has gone to Fredericksburg the first weekend in December to watch the Christmas Parade. This year was even better because my parents had recently bought some property with a house where the whole family could stay instead of at a hotel. Mackenzie did great on the drive up. She slept for the first 2 1/2 hours - she woke up when we came to a stop in San Antonio. We stopped and had lunch in Boerne and then she went back to sleep for the last hour. We intended to take her to the parade and had her all bundled up in the sling with a hat and big blanket, but she DID NOT like the cold weather. She screamed/cried while we were outside for max 10 minutes and continued to cry the entire 20 minute ride home. Once we got home and she warmed up she went right to sleep and slept through the night!
The rest of the weekend was great and my family exchanged gifts and had fun visiting with eachother. Mackenzie received lots of clothes, books, toys and of course some of her first Christmas ornaments. The ride home started off okay, but was a little rough the rest of the way home. We ended up going through Austin on the way home instead of San Antonio like the way up. While this isn't a big difference for us drive wise, it is for Mackenzie. Going through Austin means taking a Highway instead of an Interstate. Highway means lights, slower speeds and traffic. Interstate means fast speeds and clear sailing. For Mackenzie, who does not care for her car seat and does not like to slow down or stop, highways are horrible! Luckily for Christmas in a few weeks we'll be on I-45 the entire trip to Dallas!
I only took 3 pictures the entire trip - I guess I was a little busy. :)
From left, my sisters Amanda & Courtney, my soon to be sister-in-law Kelsey and my brother Ryan. I know the picture may not look like we're having fun, but we are! :)
This is how Mackenzie spent the evening. This is part of the outfit Mackenzie let me play "dress up" with. My mom bought an adorable outfit from Gymboree and I absolutely love it. Maybe I'll post a picture of her with it on sometime this week.

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