Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Addiction

Since most of my blog readers are also now my "friends" on Facebook, you know that I have recently started an account on Facebook. Can I just say that I thought reading blogs and posting blogs was an addiction...that is until Facebook! :) In the last few days I've gotten on the computer to look on facebook more times than I can count! Yes, I'm still feeding and caring for Mackenzie, but in any spare moment I'm in here on the computer. Yesterday I even pulled her play gym in here so she could play while I searched for "friends". I'm hoping the newness will wear off before I go back to work in January because I'm pretty sure I won't be allowed to be on the internet that much. For those that don't know facebook, when you log in at the top of your "wall" there is a place for you to say what you are doing. The other day I said that I was enjoying some free time while Mackenzie is sleeping. I haven't written anything since because I usually am doing the same thing when I'm on the computer! I feel kind of boring. :) So for those of you who blog and do facebook, do you post the same things on both sites? Are you addicted to facebook also? I'm determined to reduce the amount of tme on facebook this week. I might have to make it my New Years resolution!


  1. I just never have gotten into facebook. I have an account, which I don't even remember the name of now. But it didn't do anything for me. Too much like MySpace which I HATE!

  2. then i guess you won't be replying to my "friend" request! :)

  3. Hi Charleton...I saw your comment on Natalie's FB page, and tracked down your blog. Glad to have found it. Looks like Mackenzie is just a few weeks younger than my Kate! Congrats! Don't you just love not sleeping anymore? Talk to you soon.....


  4. Um, yes, I am totally on both, and I am addicted to both. We might need to go to Internet Anonymous meetings together. I use my FB account for day to day stuff, and my blog for more "formal" updates. I find I can keep up with my out of town friends better with FB, as far as what they're doing, but for what I'm doing, I'm better with the blog. And since I'm not working now, I have WAY TOO MUCH time on the internet. I think I'm developing carpal tunnel!!


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