Monday, November 10, 2008

Who do you think I'm going to blog about?!

Yep, of course I'm going to blog about Mackenzie. One of these days I might blog about something other than my never know! ;)

Thursday, we went to the doctor and Mackenzie had her first set of shots and as you can imagine did not care for them at all! I also didn't like them and shed a few tears for her since she didn't shed actual tears. The silent scream and face in agony is enough...who needs the tears too. She is 9 lbs 3 oz, which is on the lower side, but she's healthy and doing great. The doctor said, "she does have big hands and feet for such a small girl." I agree and maybe I'll try and remember to take a photo soon so everyone else can see for themselves.

We went for our first stroller outing yesterday and it was a slight hit! She was content for most of the trip. In typical mommy fashion, I over dressed her. I thought it was a lot cooler outside than it was. She did really well for most of the trip, so I thought I would go a little longer and that's when she decided to cry. I realized that she was hot, so I took off the hat and jacket and she was content the rest of the way home. As it turns out, I think she got hot not only because I over dressed her, but also because she was filling her diaper and who wants to sit in that! :) She finally got to wear her pink and brown puma tennis shoes my parents bought her. As the doctor said, she does have big feet, so she already fills the shoes out pretty well. Hopefully, she'll still be able to wear them through Christmas - we'll see.

One of the few shots I have of Mackenzie with Brandon - notice Mackenzie's legs. For those of you who don't know, since she was born Mackenzie has always straddled (sp?) our body when she sleeps. Because she was breech, her legs naturally go in the "spread eagle" position. She's most comfortable laying like this.
All dressed up in her jumpsuit and tennis shoes. To be fair, I also overdressed myself and had to remove my jacket 5 minutes into the walk.


  1. I'm so honored, she's wearing the pink/brown polka dot jacket I gave her! Soon it won't be too hot for her to wear.

    I'm glad she liked the stroller. That's always a good thing to do together.

    She's a cutie, and I love the pic of her and Brandon together.

  2. Adorable pictures Charleton! I'm glad you and Mackenzie were able to get out and enjoy a walk.


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