Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Newborn Photos

We had newborn pictures taken of Mackenzie when she was 1 week old. We were able to get a few pictures of her completely naked before she went to the bathroom on the photographer's blanket! After that, she was unhappy until we put a diaper on her. Finally, we fed her again and she fell asleep. Brandon and I have to choose 4 to be printed, but it's so hard to decide. Let me know what your favorites are.
Click here to see the photos. Once at the website, click on the client tab and then enter "mackenzie" as the password.


  1. Ok, I like 0384, 0409, 0456, 0460, and 0518 the best! Total cuteness.

  2. You can only choose 4! That is going to be HARD!
    I like 0449, 0529,0410, 0399(some day you will forget the screaming terror face look)

  3. They are all beautiful photos!

    I really liked:

    0357 - B&W curled up
    0417 - Close up of Mackenzie
    0432 - Open eyes
    0460 - Smiling
    0470 - Where Mackenzie is in a L shape

    Would you happen to need a birth announcement designed? That's one of the things I do. ;)

    Here are a few for you to look at.
    HRD Design - birth announcements

    You will need to click on [previous entries] at the bottom to see more.

  4. I like 0357, 0384, 0432 and one of the black & white mommy-daughter shots.

  5. Those are beautiful! I like the ones in the beginning best. Including the b/w of you with her.

  6. Good luck choosing! They are all precious.

  7. Too hard to choose...however, if I must....0357, 0384, 0457, 0484, 0512, 0518, 0520.

    What a wonderful way to capture her first week!

  8. Only 4??? The close up ones with the knit cap are so sweet, and one of you holding her, the one of her crying, and her precious feet.

    This was just too much cuteness.


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