Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Pictures

I was informed by Brandon that I didn't post very flattering photos of Mackenzie in my last post. I apologize to Mackenzie and Brandon and hopefully these next photos will make up for the previous post. I am not however going to delete the pictures as requested, Mackenzie doesn't care - she's 5 weeks old! :)
I think she looks like such a big girl in these pajamas.

Our little Aggie! Thanks to my mom for the elephants!

A better one month photo.

our little burrito baby


  1. What's up with these daddies being so picky about pictures. I had to add another post last night to get the picture Matthew wanted. Maybe Brandon and Matthew need to start their own blogs?
    I think ALL the pictures of Mackenzie and precious!

  2. They're all great pictures! I think Mackenzie as a burrito baby looks really comfy. :)

  3. Cute pictures! I feel like I got a little "Mackenzie fix" from seeing them. Love the burrito blanket. And I see she is spending a little time in her crib?


  4. Cute! All the pics are wonderful and I'm glad you are having some free time to post.


  5. OK those "not so cute pics" were cute!!! Daddys can be silly cometimes! haha

    I love the Birthday bear. I'll have to show you the boys BD bear album sometime. It is so meat to see them grow through the year in comparison to the bear.

    Mackenzie gets prettier in each picture! What a blessing. Looking SOOOOOOO forward to seeing her on Saturday!


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