Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daytime Television

My last year of Grad school, I didn't have class until 3:00, so I was at home doing school work or working around the house the remainder of the time. I remember watching Regis and Kelly every morning, but I think I must have had Friends or movies on in the background the rest of the day, because I don't remember watching anything else. Fast forward to now and as Mackenzie and I slowly start to develop a schedule, I think I've become addicted to daytime television again. Here is the TV schedule:

9:00 - Regis and Kelly ( I don't usually turn on the TV before 9:00)
10:00 - The View (only for a few minutes until they start fighting and then I try and find something else, usually What not to Wear)
11:00 - morning news/What not to Wear (I've really come to love this show!)
12:00 - Ellen (I may not believe in her views, but she is hillarious!)
1:00 - 7th Heaven
2:00 - Rachel Ray
3:00 - What you get...(this is on the Fine Living Network and shows you different houses that cost certain amounts of money - yesterday was houses for $400,000)
4:00 - Jon & Kate plus 8
5:00 - 7th Heaven
6:00 - 7th Heaven (Brandon gives me a hard time for watching this show, but until now I don't think he realized how many times a day its on!)

I don't necessarily watch the TV all day, but it is on as background noise. I think it will slowly diminish as Mackenzie gets older and we can get out more. For the last week, Mackenzie has started sleeping for longer periods of time by herself without me having to hold her, so now I can actually do stuff around the house and am not tied to the couch or recliner. This afternoon, I think I'm going to try and take her for a walk in her stroller so we can breathe some fresh air.

On another note - I finally realized that I was misunderstanding the doctor. It's not that I couldn't take Mackenzie out in public until she was vaccinated, it's that since it's flu season, I shouldn't take her out for the first 8 weeks until her immune system is built up. It looks like I'll be taking pictures of her, instead of her, to my shower this weekend. She'll be 6 weeks this week, so eventually we'll introduce her to the world! :)

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  1. When the boys were first home, I got addicted to TBS daytime...King of Queens, Yes Dear and Seinfeld. Now all I watch is Sesame Street though... not nearly as funny!!!! hahaha


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