Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike and other news

So, as Brandon and I "hunker down" and prepare for the storm, we are doing all the things we want to do that require power! :) Brandon is playing video games and I'm playing on the computer. We have our IPod and portable DVD player charged up for after the storm if we lose power, along with crosswords and books. I guess we are assuming there will be no damage for us to fix and we'll be bored. Who really knows what we are thinking. We've prepared our little place in Brandon's closet if the wind gets too bad and we'll add blankets and misc stuff as the storm gets closer. I have all kinds of food and water or as Brandon put it, "enough food to feed a small army". In my defense I went to the grocery store Wednesday also thinking about what kinds of food/snacks we would need after Mackenzie arrives.

On that note, I'll update everyone and say that Mackenzie of course did not flip this past week and we are officially scheduled for a c-section on Thursday. We are hoping she'll stay put until then and especially for the next couple of days during Hurricane Ike and his aftermath. I know if she does decide to come the hospital would have power and they would still be able to deliver her, but all of my family has evacuated and it would be sad if they couldn't be here. My friend reminded me that major events in mine and Brandon's lives revolve around storms. Now really it's only 2 major events, but still. For those that don't know, Brandon and I were married during Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, which made for a very interesting wedding story. Who knew that 7 years later when we decided to have a child, another storm would come and threaten the big day!

I pray that the storm comes and goes with little damage to the city and that lives/routines will be somewhat back to normal by the time Thursday comes around. For anyone reading this blog, please say a special prayer for everyone in the Houston/Galveston area, but also for my family and their homes. I know that God will provide and we shouldn't get caught up in all of our belongings and worldly items, but my family lives in Friendswood, League City and Alvin (all about 30 miles from Galveston) and I'm concerned for the flooding of their homes. I pray that my families homes/belongings/memories are not lost in this storm and they come back to minimal damage. I also hope/pray that all of you here in the city stay safe and that this storm will be another memory that we can all look back on say it turned out ok (like my wedding story during TS Allison).


  1. So, you're staying! I was thinking about you earlier today. I'm sure you'll be fine, but I do hope and pray the storm will pass quickly and without much damage. Love you two!

  2. I've been thinking about you and hoping Ike didn't get Mackenzie excited and make her want to popout early.


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