Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

So it's been a full 24 hours since Ike came through the Houston/Galveston area and Brandon and I agree that it's been a horrible weekend! Friday night we lost power off and on for about 3 hours until it finally went off for good about 10:45. Brandon and I played "Go Fish" and other card games by candle light until about 1:00 when we thought we'd try and get a little sleep before the heavy part of the storm moved in. That didn't last long because we went into Brandon's closet about 1:30. We knew the eye wasn't going to hit us until around 5:00, so we made a small bed and brought our radio, flashlight, water and food into the closet and bathroom.

The closet was not exactly comfortable, but I did manage to fall asleep from about 2 until 3:30. From about 4:00 until 6:30 it was pretty intense. The wind was blowing water in through 2 of our window sills and the back door, but thankfully, we never had a single window break.

About 8:00 I ventured out of the closet and fell asleep on the couch while the rest of the storm moved through. The sofa only brought about an hour of sleep, but atleast I felt a little rested. Since it was still raining outside, we stayed inside the remainder of the morning and finally fell asleep again from about 1-4:30 - that's when the power came back on. Looking back it's kind of funny, because the power coming back on gave us a burst of energy. All of a sudden we put on our hats and shoes and got out of the house to check out the area and see if Brandon's office had any damage. For the most part we only saw shingle, tree and fence damage. A few building along Hwy 6 had some building damage, but overall, our area did really well from what we saw. Below are the pics we took while driving around.
The entrance to our neighbor hood - a few trees down.

This is the main street in our neighborhood - mainly a lot of leaves on the ground.

Driving down Highway 6.

Tree down in front of the Kroger on West Road.

After our drive we went home and enjoyed the air conditioning. We intended to clean up our house (inside and out) today, but this morning we had another rain storm and our roof leak turned into a bigger problem. Brandon was up from about 4-6:30 this morning sitting in the attic moving buckets under the hole, so that we don't have interior damage. My boss called this morning and said that our building in the Galleria area didn't have power, so I won't be going to work tomorrow. We'll see about Tuesday, which is supposed to be my last day of work before my maternity leave. It looks like I might end up with a few extra days of leave than I intended. Sorry for rambling on about our last 24-48 hours, but maybe some of you stuck with it. :)


  1. Well, I'm glad you two are okay and the house sustain no big damage. Nearly full-term pregnant and riding out the're a trooper, Charlton!

  2. Yeah, go Charlton! If you can survive being pregnant through summer in Houston AND a hurricane, I feel inspired to ... I dunno ... do something really heroic.

  3. I cannot imagine being PG in a tiny closet for so many hours!!! Bless your heart! We will be praying for you on Wednesday. OUr c-section, even though emergency circumstances, was a good experience...the only scar is on my belly and not my mind! :) Get Brandon to post pics as soon as he can of sweet Mackenzie. Our planned visit to see you in the hospital and give her a welcome snuggle will have to be put on hold...stinkin' Ike!!! We love you lots and know that God will keep His hand upon you, B and M.

  4. Just a few more hours and you'll get to meet M for the first time! I can't wait to see photos!


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