Monday, September 8, 2008

Crafty Woman

On Friday night we received a box of goodies for Mackenzie from a dear friend of the family. Before I tell/show you what was inside, I must tell you about our friend. My family and I attended church for years with a woman in League City and when I was in high school, her and her husband moved to College Station. We all missed her very much and whenever we were in that area, we would stop by and say "howdy". When I went to A&M, she became a grandmother away from home to me and any other college student that she had known in League city. During finals or on holidays, she would leave a bag of homemade goodies at the church building for each of us that were sooooo delicious. She is a joy to be around and so much fun to talk to. Several times I visited her house with the intent of only staying 30 minutes and before I knew it, it was 2 hours later! Besides the food and laughter, Nelda is one of the most crafty women I know. I believe she majored in Home Economics at Abiline Christian and I feel like she could make almost anything!

With that said when we received the box of goodies, I was so excited to see what she had made for Mackenzie. Everytime I pulled something out, Brandon would ask, "did she make that?" I'm 99% sure she made everything in the pictures! The pictures are great, but you have to see it in person to really appreciate the workmanship! I love all of it and cannot wait to use it once Mackenzie arrives! Enjoy the pics and if you want to know more about our amazing friend Nelda, Kim has a wonderful post that describes Nelda beautifully and gives just a glimpse of all the people she has touched through the years!

Bag of Goodies - Diaper bag, blanket, towel, bib and burp clothes

Diaper Bag - Mackenzie's colors of course!

Elephant blanket - folded

Elephant blanket - unfolded - How cute is that?!
P.S. My scanner isn't working, so I never could scan the ultrasound photo I promised. Everyone will just have to wait another 10 days to see a real picture of Mackenzie and her hair!

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