Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby Update

Today, Brandon and I went in for my 37 week appointment and ultrasound. I was sure that Mackenzie had been laying sideways across me with her butt on my right side and her head to my left, but it turns out she's sitting upright instead. Either one of those positions isn't great considering my due date is in 3 weeks and she's not head down yet. At this point, most babies are in the head down position and if they are not, they are most likely not going to flip. The doctor said that unless she turns by next Wednesday, I'll have a c-section on September 18th - TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW! It's amazing how in one doctor's visit everything can change. I'm not nervous about the c-section or anything, and since Brandon and I are planners, it's great to know when she'll arrive. BUT, it's also kind of weird to know when she'll arrive. The entire pregnancy it's just kind of been this range of dates of when we'd get to meet her. I even said this morning that we would be holding her 3-5 weeks from now. It's hard to imagine that now it's only 2 weeks away. I'm so excited and still a little in shock (but in a good way). The doctor said if she does turn by next week, she would probably want to enduce me soon after before Mackenzie changes her mind. If I were to go into labor before then, we would still do a c-section. Eitherway, Mackenzie will be here before her due date!

(Sorry to my family who had the delivery pool going. I think Courtney should win, since she was the only one nice enough to have me delivering early!)

On another note, the doctor said she could see Mackenzie's hair in the ultrasound. She said it might just be peach fuzz, but it's visible on the ultrasound, so that's cool. I'll try and post that picture tonight!


  1. Don't worry about the c-section... God will take care of you and Mackenzie. If you want c-section recovery details, give me a call! Love ya!

  2. I'm so excited to know when she will be here! And sounds like you won't have to deal with the fear of labor. That could be a good thing. :)

    Now, you have to remember that you held each of my children the day they were born, so I think I should get to hold her the first day, too. Don't you think?? lol I'll be happy just to see her soon.

    You have GOT to post the hair pic from the ultrasound.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  3. I'm jealous you might only have two more weeks...

  4. That's very exciting! I can't wait to see that little girl.

  5. We are all so excited to be counting down the the days. I love you!


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