Friday, August 22, 2008

Funny Story

Last weekend we went to my parents' house to celebrate my mom's birthday. After most people had left, we stayed and visited with my parents and my sister Courtney and her family. I was sitting in a chair kind of reclined, so my stomach was really visible and sticking out. The following conversation took place between me and my 4 year old nephew, James.

James: You have a melon.
Charlton: What?
James: (with hesitation) You're fat.
Charlton: No, I have a baby in here.
James: Why?

With that last question Courtney said I could explain why there was a baby in there so she wouldn't have to do it, but I opted out and just went on to say that he would get to meet his new cousin soon. I think this is the only time I am okay with someone calling me fat and think it's quite funny.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gas and Crazy People

So, last night as I was coming home from work, I was stopped in traffic about 4 miles from home and NOT on the freeway. As we slowly started passing, what I thought was an accident, I noticed tons of cars sitting at a gas station and all along the street. The gas station has only been open for maybe 1 week and apparently last night, when I was driving by, the gas was only $2.31 per gallon. While I realize gas prices have been high lately, I don't consider it normal or worth the 1-2 hour wait to save $1.50 per gallon on gas. I guess Brandon and I are very blessed to be able to drive the commutes we drive and be able to fill up our cars when we need to. So, as I'm driving by all these people (who by the way are blocking intersections and causing traffic) I decide that I'll blog about all of these crazy people and this gas station. This morning on my way to work, the gas station was busy and there was not a gas price on the sign, but since they weren't causing in traffic congestion, I moved on and didn't think anything of it. While driving I was flipping radio stations and 2 or 3 stations were talking about the stupid gas station and how at one point police had to direct traffic and block off parts of the intersection. Apparently, the gas station lowered it's gas at one point to $2.08. I still don't think it's worth it to wait all that time to fill up your car just to save $15-$20, but maybe I'm the one who's crazy, not them! :)
Oh, and does anyone else think that there could be more going on in our city, nation, world to report on rather than reporting on the one gas station with cheap gas?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tests and Surveys

So, back in May I said that I only had 2 architecture exams left as long as I passed the exam I had just taken. Unfortunately, I did not pass that exam, but I did pass the 2 after that! I now officially only have one more exam to take and since I've taken it before, it shouldn't be as hard right? :) The bummer is you have to wait 6 months before retaking an exam, so I can't officially take the exam until November 18th which would be during my maternity leave. We'll see how that works out.

On another note, a couple of my co-workers and I were talking the other day and the question was raised about whether or not we made our beds in the morning before we left for work. Knowing my mom and grandmother won't want to hear this, unfortunately Brandon and I do not make the bed before we leave in the mornings. It's just not somthing we've always done. I always make it when people might be coming over, but not on a daily basis. Anyways, luckily, I wasn't the only one in the conversation who doesn't. So, I decided to see if there are others like me and poll/survey people to see who makes their bed. I'll leave the poll up through this week and we'll see how many are more Martha Stewart-ish and who is not (I don't know of an opposite).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Shower

Last night, my coworkers had a baby shower for me. It was a lot of fun and they were all so generous! I feel like we are on our way to being ready for Mackenzie. Below are some pics.

They toasted Mackenzie and I with champagne and I had sparkling white grape juice!

I was given a stroller full of goodies along with other gifts.

All of us together at the end of the evening. Thanks to all of you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is wrong with your belly????

I know it's a little blurry at times, but I wanted to give you guys a look at by belly when Mackenzie is really active. It's really weird looking sometimes! :)

Normal Belly Shot - no movement

Mackenzie has moved to the right slightly.

Mackenzie has moved to the left.
The other day at work, my stomach was basically rippling because she was moving so much. BTW, these are the only bare belly shots you'll see of me! :)

Saturday Cleanup

While we wait for Edouardo to bring us wind/rain, I thought I'd blog about my clean up weekend on Saturday. Our office,/misc room had become the dumping ground for anything we didn't want to see in the other rooms of the house and Saturday I finally cleaned out/organized the disaster area. This is what it looked like at 10:00 am:

It's amazing what you realize you do not need knowing you are about to have a child and you need more space in the house! This is how much trash we had after I was finished and the sad part is, I didn't even touch the closet which needs to be cleaned out as well.

After 7 hours of cleaning, here is what our office looks like now:

Hopefully this will last longer than the last time I cleaned this room! :) Are there any rooms in your house that need a major cleanout?

Friday, August 1, 2008

32 weeks

Eight weeks from today is my due date! My aunt pointed out to me, that since today is August 1, I now get to say, "I'm due next month." Every week I read a description of what's happening to you and your baby during that certain week in pregnancy. Yesterday, I ran across an artical where someone said that babies don't feel "discomfort" like you and I do because they are floating in the womb. Just for the record, I'm going to say that that statement is COMPLETELY UNTRUE!!! Here is my proof:

Yesterday was a rough day for me and apparently Mackenzie as well. I guess since she's getting bigger and bigger, she's decided she needs more room and DOES NOT enjoy me sitting at my desk all day. I usually get up about several times during the day at work, but yesterday was not one of those days and Mackenzie didn't like it. I left at 5:00 and for the next hour in the car, she gave some of her biggest, most powerful kicks/punches to date in protest of more sitting. When I got home, I promptly laid down on the couch and stretched out and felt no movement from her for the next hour. I'm guessing she finally got comfortable and had also worn herself out from all the squirming and kicking during the day! Today is a much better day, but I'm also trying to get up and walk around the office a little more than I did yesterday. As an added bonus for reading through my rambling post about Mackenzie, I've posted my 32 week belly picture below!

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