Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SPT: Elements of Summer - SUN

Several of my blogging friends take the SPT challenge every week or occasionally, and I thought I'd joing the bandwagon. Let's face it - I don't always have interesting things to blog about and I thought it might be fun! Every week Lelly posts the next weeks challenge and then you photograph and blog on the following Tuesday. Yes, I realize that it is not Tuesday, but I'm jumping in anyway! For the month of July, we are focusing on the 5 elements of summer and this week the element is SUN.

When I think of sun, I automattically think tanning or laying out by the pool! While my skin - and lack of tan - doesn't show it, I used to love hanging out by the pool, going out in the boat with my family or taking beach vacations. Believe it or not, I actually had color to my skin at one point in my life instead of being pale white! My family loves the beach and loves to be tan. We love to lay outside and just relax in the sun. When we used to go on vacation, we would of course plan a fishing trip, but a lot of time was spent not doing anything! And we loved it! Brandon on the other hand likes suncreen and activities and is not to into the laying around and doing nothing on the beach. So, what happens when these two worlds collide on a vacation to Ocean City, NJ? I'll replay the conversation:

Charlton: Brandon, will you put this SPF 8 on my back?

Brandon: No, I won't put anything less than SPF 15 on you.

I don't like this answer, so I turn to my dad.

Charlton: Daddy, will you put this SPF 8 on my back?

Daddy: No, I'll only put my tanning oil (SPF 2) on you.

My dad was joking of course and put the SPF 8 on me, but this shows the difference about how we feel about sun. I don't think I'm following the rules, since I'm using a picture from 2000, but then again I'm using a story from that same summer! This will be one of the few bathing suit shots you'll see of me and I don't mind posting it because I was actually skinny then!

This is how I enjoy the sun - or used to anyway! :)

Over the last few years I haven't really had time or the occasion to layout by the pool and get a tan, so that would explain the pale white skin!

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  1. Oh to just lay around in the sun. I told Matthew recently I didn't just want to be tan, I wanted a tan lifestyle since that would mean lots of fun in the sun.


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