Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheesecake Factory

So, yesterday to help celebrate the Cheesecake Factory's 30th anniversary, Erin and I decided to meet for lunch and have a slice of cheesecake (each) for $1.50. As it turns out, that's what everyone else in the Galleria area wanted to do as well. At 11:30, it was so crowded and people were just standing around waiting. Since both of us are kind of limited in our lunch break from work, we said goodbye to the Cheesecake Factory and ate in the food court instead! To make up for our Sonic substitute and lack of cheesecake, we had Marble Slab for dessert!
Erin, despite the change of location, I still enjoyed our lunch! Maybe in a few weeks, we'll actually go back and eat at the Cheesecake Factory even if we have to pay more than $1.50 for cheesecake!

Monday, July 21, 2008

98% complete

Yesterday, Brandon and I finally finished the majority of Mackenzie's room. We have one more shelf to hang and of course we don't actually have all of the baby stuff (changing pad, clothes, diapers, etc.). We love her name and realized just how long it was when we put the letters on the wall! For those of you who don't know, I've had an elephant collection (A&M inspired) for a few years now. I always thought I'd make it the theme of the nursery, but I decided it should be an accent and essentially be Mackenzie's collection. She's got quite a collection on the shelves already and that doesn't include the elephant rocker, 3 stuffed elephants in the crib and one or two christmas ornaments! Enjoy the pics!

It's a good thing we only did 6" blocks!

Mackenzie's elephant collection

The last shelf that will be hung over the headboard of the spare bed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


WooHoo!!!!The doctor called and said I passed the 3 hour glucose and DO NOT have gestational diabetes! So, even though I had to sit at the doctor's office for 3 hours, drink a very sugary drink and have my blood drawn 4 times, it was worth it knowing I don't have to do anything else! Now I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy! I don't have much else to share or any other updates. I was just excited about the results and knew a few of you were wondering.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Miscellaneous Pregnancy Stuff

So, last week I took my 1 hour glucose screening and failed by 2 points. Now I have to go in next week and take the 3 hour test. If I pass, it's great and I can keep on doing my normal routine. But if I fail, then I have gestational diabetes and I'll have to adjust my diet. In the mean time 3 days before the test I have a special diet that I have to stick to. That should be fun! :)

On another note, last Thursday when I was sitting outside waiting for the water heater to drain, I noticed that I have started to get the pregnancy "cankles". You know the look, where your calf and ankles connect and you can't tell the difference! I can't wait to see my ankle bones again! BTW, we did finally get our hot water heater replaced and I took a nice long hot shower this morning!

And last but not least, I'm posting a belly picture update of me at 28 weeks. I like the shirt, but I think when I'm shopping from here on out, I should consider multi color shirts because sometimes it's just too much of one color! :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

What a wonderful start!

Last night Brandon and I decided to start off our 3 day weekend with dinner and a movie. It has been so long since we have gone to the movies together and we were really excited to see the new Will Smith movie - Hancock. We started off the night eating Mexican food - my favorite - and then went to the 8:30 movie. We got back to the house about 10:30 and Brandon decided that he wanted to look around the outside of the house just to check things out. He came back in with the news that it looked like our overflow drain of our hot water heater was draining to the outside. Okay...what exactly does that mean you might ask. It means this...

Draining our hotwater heater from 10:45 to 11:30 and realizing we need to buy a new one. Oh and by the way you won't have hot water until we get a new one...and it's a holiday weekend, so you might not get one until Monday or Tuesday! So, this weekend we have the priveledge of taking COLD showers, washing the dishes with COLD water, washing clothes with COLD water and generally using COLD water for anything where we need water! Can you tell I'm super excited about these things - especially the COLD showers! that. is. my. favorite. part. :) I think instead of morning showers, I'll do evening showers when the attic has heated up the water in the attic to where it is bearable.
I realize I'm complaining about this situation when I should be thankful, that Brandon decide to look around our house and realize the problem before the tank overflowed in the attic and leaked in the ceiling above my closet which would have been an even bigger mess! So, I'm thankful, but it's just not quite the 3 day weekend I had planned! Who knows, if you start out on a low, it can only get better right!? Hope all of you are having a great 4th of July.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SPT: Elements of Summer - SUN

Several of my blogging friends take the SPT challenge every week or occasionally, and I thought I'd joing the bandwagon. Let's face it - I don't always have interesting things to blog about and I thought it might be fun! Every week Lelly posts the next weeks challenge and then you photograph and blog on the following Tuesday. Yes, I realize that it is not Tuesday, but I'm jumping in anyway! For the month of July, we are focusing on the 5 elements of summer and this week the element is SUN.

When I think of sun, I automattically think tanning or laying out by the pool! While my skin - and lack of tan - doesn't show it, I used to love hanging out by the pool, going out in the boat with my family or taking beach vacations. Believe it or not, I actually had color to my skin at one point in my life instead of being pale white! My family loves the beach and loves to be tan. We love to lay outside and just relax in the sun. When we used to go on vacation, we would of course plan a fishing trip, but a lot of time was spent not doing anything! And we loved it! Brandon on the other hand likes suncreen and activities and is not to into the laying around and doing nothing on the beach. So, what happens when these two worlds collide on a vacation to Ocean City, NJ? I'll replay the conversation:

Charlton: Brandon, will you put this SPF 8 on my back?

Brandon: No, I won't put anything less than SPF 15 on you.

I don't like this answer, so I turn to my dad.

Charlton: Daddy, will you put this SPF 8 on my back?

Daddy: No, I'll only put my tanning oil (SPF 2) on you.

My dad was joking of course and put the SPF 8 on me, but this shows the difference about how we feel about sun. I don't think I'm following the rules, since I'm using a picture from 2000, but then again I'm using a story from that same summer! This will be one of the few bathing suit shots you'll see of me and I don't mind posting it because I was actually skinny then!

This is how I enjoy the sun - or used to anyway! :)

Over the last few years I haven't really had time or the occasion to layout by the pool and get a tan, so that would explain the pale white skin!
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