Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trip to Dallas

This past weekend Brandon and I drove to Dallas to celebrate his birthday with his family. After cake and ice cream everyone surprised the two of us with our first baby shower! We had a lot of fun opening gifts and saying, "ooooh", "aaaah", and "it's so cute!" It was so much fun to get home and unpack all the gifts we had received and look at them again before putting them in their place. Brandon and I laughed at the little outfit that I hung in the closet because it looks so small compared to what our clothes look like in the closet. :) I need to hang up more of the clothes we have gotten, but I don't have any baby hangers yet. :) We (mainly Brandon) also put together our pack 'n play and unpacked the carseat to take a closer look at them. I didn't take a picture of all our gifts we received, but I did take a picture of the diaper bag, because it's our first gift with Mackenzie's name on it! I love it - thanks Bryan and Susan. Thanks also to all of our family and friend who knew/planned the shower. We are so thankful for all of you and your love of us and Mackenzie!

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