Thursday, June 19, 2008

99 bottles...

99 bottles of beer on the wall...oh wait, wrong words!

99 days 'til Mackenzie's here.
99 days 'til she's due.
sleep at night, take one a way.
98 days 'til Mackenzie's here!

My pregnancy countdown is below 100! Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant, but I cannot wait to meet Mackenzie. She's become quite squirmy and kicks quite a bit. The doctor was unable to pick up her heartbeat clearly for me to hear because she was moving around too much and kicked right where the Doppler microphone thing was! This isn't the first time she squirmed when the doctor is looking for something. Her ultrasound at 20 weeks took a little longer than usual because the technician was waiting for her to get in a certain position to see something. I think this could be a sign that little Mackenzie is going to be either very active or very stubborn...possibly both! :) My mom is probably laughing right now knowing that I'll probably have a stubborn girl just like I was (am) and I get a taste of my own medicine! :) I'm not sure how Brandon was as a child, but he'll admit that even now he can still be a bit stubborn just like me! We shall soon see what kind of personality Mackenzie has. As my counter and my song say...only 99 days left til Mackenzie's here!


  1. Yippee! I can't wait, either. I'm so glad you are enjoying being pregnant. It is a wonderful time in your life.


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