Monday, June 9, 2008

7 years!

7 years ago today Brandon and I were married amidst Tropical Storm Allison here in Houston. Not that I could forget our wedding day, but for my scrapbook, I wrote down the events of the day and all of the special circumstances that friends/family went through to make our day special. Below is the description of the the day that will go down in history - at least the history of the two of us! :)

On Saturday, June 9, 2001, Tropical Storm Allison was causing problems in Houston. After flooding Houston on the Tuesday before, it turned around and was causing even more damage. Brandon awoke Saturday morning to Charlton calling him and telling him through her tears that they were going to have to find a new hotel, because the one planned for was most likely flooded. Charlton received a call shortly after that from the Photographers saying they weren’t sure they would be able to make it to the wedding. Charlton then called Mark and Trent (2 of the ushers) to tell them not to brave the water to come to the wedding. She also called Adam & Mandy (friends from Ft. Worth) to tell them not to come as well.

Charlton went to her hair appointment at 8:30 and began to relax and not let the storm get to her. Her hair stylist had stayed the night at her fiancĂ©’s house knowing her own apartment would have flooded during the night. After their hair was done, Charlton and her mom headed to Charlton’s grandparent’s house for the Bridal Luncheon. Just after doing her make up, the photographer called and said they were on their way to the church and would make it after all. With that stress gone, Charlton enjoyed the luncheon with her Bridesmaids and family. At 11:45, Charlton’s Grandfather took her and her Bridesmaids to the church where Brandon and the groomsmen were already there. The florist arrived just as the pictures were about to begin. She had had to stay at her shop overnight because her house had flooded for the second time in one week.

In the minutes before the wedding started, Mark and Trent arrived and changed into their tuxedos and began ushering people to their seats. Adam & Mandy also ventured through the rain all the way from Ft. Worth, despite Charlton’s warnings. The wedding planner also arrived after using a kayak to get to higher ground in order to drive to the church.

The wedding ceremony went without flaws and Charlton and Brandon were pronounced Husband & Wife shortly after 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The reception also went as planned with the buffet, cake cutting, throwing the bouquet and throwing the garter. Knowing there were many guests that still had to travel back to Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Austin, Brandon and Charlton quickly prepared to leave. Everyone gathered under the awning to wish them well and to avoid the rain that was beginning to fall again.

Since they had to change hotels for the first evening, Brandon and Charlton stayed in the South Shore Harbor Hotel less than 3 miles from the church. On Sunday, all flights out of George Bush Intercontinental Airport were canceled due to Tropical Storm Allison. Brandon & Charlton had to fly out of Hobby in order to catch a flight in Dallas to then go onto Miami. Monday morning Brandon & Charlton flew from Miami to Jamaica and began their Honeymoon.

7 years later, all is well and we are expecting our first child! I look forward to many, many, many, many more years to come! I love you Brandon!


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! I know it was a special one with the new family member in "pending" status. :)

    It's been wonderful to watch your life together unfold. I met Brandon a couple of weeks before my little girl was born and here we are full circle waiting for your little girl to be born. I love the way life works like that.

    Love you both!

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!

    Whew! What a stressful wedding day, but I'm so glad it turned out alright. It's always interesting to look back and realize that you can laugh about it now.

  3. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!


  4. Ah, yay! Happy Anniversary! It was really fun seeing you this weekend. I'm so glad you had the idea for the party. That was great. :-)

  5. What a day! It's already exciting without all that mess added to it, but I'm so glad everything came together! Happy Anniversary!


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