Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Preparing for Mackenzie

This weekend Brandon and I focused on Mackenzie. We registered for what we think we'll need for when she arrives and then some! :) It was so much fun to go look at all the baby stuff! Apparently, I'm pretty boring when it comes to the colors and/or graphics on sippy cups, bottles, etc. I didn't want all the different cartoon characters on the cups/plate and so therefore Brandon thought I was being way to neutral! :) I compensated hopefully, by registering for mostly pink towels, washcloths, bibs, burp cloths, and bedding. I'm also almost 100% positive she'll be wearing a lot of pink!

We cleaned out the spare room and rearranged the bed to make room for the crib and dresser. We put a deposit down for her dresser and are waiting for the crib to become available. I even started cleaning out the pantry and other cabinets to make room for the baby stuff that will eventually have to be stored there. I know it's really early to be "nesting", but this weekend sure felt like that was what I was doing! As Brandon put it, "you sure can fill up trash bags quickly." The only thing about cleaning out, at least for me, is that I think it's a requirement to mess up another room while cleaning out one! Now that the spare room and kitchen/pantry are finished, the office and our bedroom are a little messed up. Eventually everything will even out and all will be cleaned - I hope! :)


  1. How exciting to be getting things ready! Don't fret, it WILL all get done in time.

    I've always liked the name Mackenzie.

  2. Can't wait to see what you picked out!

  3. This seems to really overwhelm me when I think about it. We've already decided the first round will be me with an experienced Mommy to guide me in the right direction. Then Gregg and I will go back to pick out the fun stuff like colors, etc. And I think there's nothing wrong with going neutral! That's what we'll do - I think it's smarter actually. Besides, I'm with you on the crazy cartoon character sippy cups - no thank you.


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