Thursday, May 29, 2008

A new leaf

Who knew there was so much to think about when choosing stuff for a baby. While researching the stuff we needed/wanted for Mackenzie we decided we wanted to use BPA free bottles and plastic ware as well as buy an organic matress. With that in mind, we started looking at the items we own and decided to try to make a change. I bring my lunch almost every day of the week and heat my food in plastic conainers. I've heard that this isn't very healthy for you because of the leaching of chemicals throught the plastic. I had thought about buying glass containers several time, but never did. So, this weekend, while we were in preparation mode, we bought glass containers and packed away several of our tuppaware containers. We also bought several glass/metal containers to store some of our food in the pantry. After less than a week, we are already wanting to buy more glass to replace all of our tuppaware and I've even thought about getting rid of our 20 plastic cups (in 3 different colors!) that we use everyday. I think I'm also going to buy some bags to use at the grocery store instead of the plastic bags. It's the little steps right? I think I could get into the "green" mode with the exception of driving my car everywhere. I know this is just my way of justifying it, but in the Houston suburbs you need a car. So besides the car, this is our new leaf. We are going to try to be a little more friendly to our environment and maybe we can live a little healthier lives at teh same time! Anyone else in green mode lately?


  1. That's really cool, Charlton. :-)

  2. So far we've only switched to cloth diapers (which I LOVE if you didn't get that already), but I'm really thinking about the shopping bag thing....


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