Monday, May 5, 2008


I love Netflix! I think I have over 300 movies in my queue which will take me at a minimum 2 years to watch! And that's only if I don't add anymore to the list! I guess I like the laziness aspect of not having to go anywhere (except the mailbox) to get my movies. I also use netflix to see a lot of my old movies - you know, the black and white movies Brandon thinks are stupid. I love that Netflix recommends movies based on my reviews. Over half of the classic movies from the 40's, 50's and 60's, I would never have seen if Netflix had not recommended them to me.

Brandon has a similar thing with Gamefly, where he gets a video game by mail and returns it whenever he's finished. The other day I found myself thinking that I wish there was a place where I could select books and read them and then I could send them back when I was finished. I then realized that's what a LIBRARY is called! :) Maybe I should look into getting a library card at our local library. I love to read, but it can get pretty expensive buying new books all the time.

Does anyone else love to read books as much as I do? Are you obsessed with Netflix too?


  1. I used to love Netflix. Now I love Blockbuster! I like being able to go get a movie at the store while I'm waiting on the next one in the mail. Wow, I sound impatient.

  2. Maybe you could try a "netflix for books" -- -- This will probably satisfy your book needs netflix-style.

  3. I love to read, too, and I love movies. I have been doing Netflix to catch up on series like "24" and "Lost".

    I also discovered that the library has audio books you can download from the computer, no need to go anywhere. I listened to "Water for Elephants" this way. Just like the library, you have a 2-week rental. They do allow you to burn them to CD (if you want to use that many CD's). They don't have a huge variety, but some good ones. But you do need a library card in order to input your ID# for downloading.


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