Tuesday, May 20, 2008

7 down...2 to go...I think

Sunday afternoon I took my 7th of 9 architectural exams that I have to pass before becoming a licensed architect. I now have to wait for another 2 or 3 weeks to see if I passed. If I didn't pass then I have to wait 6 months before retaking it - which puts it after Mackenzie is born. Hopefully, I won't have to do that because I don't imagine I'll have much time to study after she's born! :) Now I have 2 more exams to pass before the end of the summer. For the time being the rest of May is "all things baby/Mackenzie"! I'm finally going to focus on our registry, the nursery, the rest of the house and so forth. I'm really excited because I feel like I haven't really gotten to due that in a few weeks because of my studying.

Saturday we are going to Target and Babies R Us to register for all the baby stuff. Now is the time for all you parents out there to give me opinions on different gadgets/equipment you bought for your children. What didn't you like? What did you like? What did you wish you had bought before the baby was born? I'm also having a hard time with quantities - as in how many towels, bed sheets, bottles, bibs, etc. to buy. Any suggestions?


  1. I can get into some details but it would get kinda long. If you want my little 'ole opinion send me your email. bhumbl4him@yahoo.com

  2. I could go on for hours...but my prespective is different having two at once! We could NOT have lived without the swing. THe bouncer was OK, but the swing was our must. We also got a small high chair that straps onto a dining room chair and have loved it..takes up less space and grows with the child to be a booster seat. Another thought... even though the bedding sets are adorable, we never used several pieces. SO you may want something that comes a la carte! :) A ipes warmer is for the birds and I think that all dipaer genies will smell stinky at some point. We LOVED the knit blankets, baby gowns, and did have a bassinette that we used for a while. I would not stock up on bottles until you see what nipple they like... even if you nurse. Wow - that's a lot of opinions! YOu will have so much fun..take pics while registering! Oh, one more thing... we hated our glider and much preferred a Lazy-Boy recliner...

  3. One more thing... we LOVED the jump-er-roo and the Baby Einstein entertainer. Could not have survived without them! :)


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