Monday, February 11, 2008

A weekend of nothing!

This weekend I feel like I did absolutely nothing and I loved every minute of it! :) I guess I'm really only talking about Saturday since I did all my "chores" on Sunday. I couldn't sleep Friday night, so unfortunately I was up at 6:00 am on Saturday morning. Since we were up, Brandon and I decided to go eat breakfast at IHOP! It was soooo delicious. So, once my belly was full and I was in the recliner, I was able to take a morning nap (9am-11am). I felt like a little baby who wakes up early and then needs several naps during the day, except that this was my only nap. I think that the next time I can't sleep, I'm going to fix something to eat and lay in the recliner and maybe that will help! Brandon and I did go out for dinner Saturday night and ran a few errands, but that's about it! Because of this laziness, Sunday was a full day! In the end it's not so bad. While I probably should have gotten outside and enjoyed the weather, I couldn't help but completely relax and not think about work and all the things I needed to do. I'll just keep that list for next weekend! I hope you guys had a more productive day than I did...wait, no, I wish everyone at least one day of laziness and nothingness! :)

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