Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl

I'm not really a big football sports fan, but this year just seems different. Every year our office has a football pool for the regular season. I decided to play this year even though I know nothing about the teams. Everyweek I had to choose what team would win and would get a point if I was right. I ended up in 4th place out of 13 which was really good! A couple of times I even had 1st place for the week! It felt great to beat some guys who know tons more about football than I do!
Because of the interest during the regular season, I really wanted to watch the Super Bowl yesterday. Besides aggie football, yesterday's game might very well be the first football game I have ever watched all the way through. I watched from the kick-off all the way to the final second when everyone already knew the Giants had won! Brandon and I were going to go watch the game at a friend's house but decided at the last minute to stay at home and watch the game in our pajamas! :)
From the beginning, Brandon and I were rooting for the Giants. I think human tendancy is to root for the underdog and the Giants were definitely the underdog. There are several reasons why I think it was awesome that the Giants won:

1. It's the super Bowl - the game of all games - and now they are the champions for this year!
2. They beat the undefeated team! No one else in the league beat them this year except the Giants!
3. Eli Manning, the quarterback, will have a matching super bowl ring like his brother who's team won last year! Can you imagine being the parents of 2 sons who are superbowl champion quarterbacks and MVP's?

Anyways, I really enjoyed watching the game and maybe next year I'll watch more than just the one football game all the way through! :)

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