Sunday, February 17, 2008


I love looking at pictures! Whether they are mine or someone else's, I could look at pictures for hours at a time. There is something about looking at photos that brings back such fond memories and takes you back in time. I always remember that moment first, and then I start to remember other things/stories from that same time period and it just brings a smile to my face, or tear to my eye in some cases.
For the past several months I've been scanning in old family photographs in the hopes of adding them to my family tree and so that we have digital copies of all our pre-digital camera photos. While looking at some this weekend, I found a few that I wanted to share with whoever reads my blog. They are all within the last 10 years, but they all take me back to that place in time...realizing I wanted to have children with Brandon when we babysat my cousins, enjoying family vacations in the Caribbean, or all the trips to my great grandparents house in Arkansas. :) They all mean so much to me and almost every picture has the same affect on me.
Call me too emotional if you want, but I love it. I love that our brain and heart work like that and they help us to recall such wonderful memories just with one little 4x6 image! I know the pictures may or may not mean anything to some of you, but I wanted to share them anyway! Enjoy...I think I purposely chose pictures that weren't too old that might make you question what exactly was I thinking in the wardrobe department! :)

Brandon sitting with my two youngest cousins Beck and Chloe in the Summer of 1999. He seemed so comfortable looking after children even at age 21.

Chloe and Brandon looking at each other. Brandon met my family just days before Chloe was born in January 1999. He can truly say that he's known her her whole life! That doesn't happen very often when you marry into a family. :)

One of the first fish I ever caught. This was a family vacation in the Cayman Islands in 1999. What I think is great about this photo is it reminds me that on most vacations I went on with my family we almost always planned some sort of fishing/boating trip. If you want to hear an amusing story, ask me sometime about my sunburn from this particular fishing trip! :)

Me and my great-granddaddy on my favorite swing at his house in Cabot, Arkansas. We took this picture early in the morning the winter of 1998 before we left to come back home. I only went back to Cabot 2 more times after that. My grandparents brought the swing back to Texas when they moved granddaddy down here. - Oh the memories -

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  1. Well, you know those picture are near and dear to my heart, too! I have never seen the first one of Brandon sitting with Beck and Chloe. So cute!! I can't believe I had such cute babies. :)

    I keep you in my prayers for you and Brandon starting a family.

    P.S. Good thing I haven't asked you to babysit lately, it could ruin all of your dreams! LOL


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