Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Microwaves and Ovens

I use my oven about once a week and my microwave the remainder of the week. Some of you may know that I cook a meal on Sunday afternoon that Brandon and I will eat throughout the week. I use the oven to bake a meal and use the microwave each weeknight to heat the food and essentially we eat "leftovers". Sunday I prepared some deliciouse beef enchilladas and was looking forward to eating them last night. I placed our servings on our plates, put a plate in the microwave, punched 1:30, pressed start, and...nothing! The light came on and it made a clicking noise, but no heat or microwaving! I tried it several more times (apparently thinking that it had just forgotten what it was supposed to do! ) and nothing happened. I even tried plugging it into a different receptacle thinking that would help, but no. For those of you who have seen our microwave, you might need be too surprised that it died. It was my microwave that my family had when I was growing up. I'd say that it is atleast 20 years old. It's lived a long and productive life and its now time to put it to rest! :)

Brandon said that he would go buy a new one for us and that we would just eat something else for tonight. We ended up looking at microwaves last night and then going out to eat. Brandon is going to buy a new microwave tonight. I think technology has spoiled us just a little! :) I found it funny, that we just decided to go out to eat instead of turning on the oven and heating the enchilladas the "old fashioned" way! Maybe tonight we can eat our enchilladas after they have been heated in our new microwave!


  1. That sounds like the nights when I feel too tired to cook. ;)

    I go through phases. One night I'll really enjoy making a meal, the next I'd rather eat cereal.

    - Holly

  2. That is funny! It's like when my kids didn't know where to get water when we were at Granddaddy Gordon's because he didn't have a dispenser in his fridge door. Duh! How about the sink!

    Anywho... I'm glad you tried plugging it in several places. Ours went out and I went without it for a couple of weeks before I decided to unplug it and plug it back in. It reset it and it works fine now. (The plug was not easily accessible since it's a built-in, I'm not that lazy.) :)

    Hope Brandon gets you a good one!

    BTW, I couldn't stand for Steve to shop for something like that without me. lol

  3. Going out instead of heating up the oven sounds like something we would do too. I thought of you when I saw some microwaves at circuit city today.

  4. Ha! This is too funny! I'd probably opted to go out to eat, too...


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