Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Charlton,
Happy Birthday to Me!

Today has been a good day and it isn't even over! I slept in this morning and went to work late because I had to renew my passport at the post office. Then, after having worked only 1 1/2 hours it was time for lunch and a group of us from the office went to Becks Prime for a wonderful cheeseburger! After lunch I decided I would leave early and so I left at 4. It feels so great to drive to and from work when its daylight, instead of in the dark as I do most days during the winter! :) So in the end I worked a 1/2 day, but considering the last 2 years I took the entire day off, this is pretty good. Tonight Brandon and I will go out to dinner, but I haven't decided where I want to eat.

Saturday we had my family and Brandon's mom over to celebrate my birthday and to tell them our good news. Below are some pics.

My nephew James helped me open presents.

Notice the abundance of dessert...turtle cheesecake, 2 layer chocolate cake, giant cookie cake and (3) 1/2 gallons of icecream...all for 13 people!

The grandmother's to be opening their gifts!

Brandon and my mom with her new frame and picture. The frames say, "Good mothers become...even better grandmothers."

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  1. Happy Birthday! So glad you had a nice day. I hope you had a nice dinner as well.

    I like how you "told" your moms about the new little one! How fun.


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