Friday, February 29, 2008

Go Texan Day!

Happy Go Texan Day to all of you. I think this just might be a Houston thing because of the Rodeo, but I'm spreading the good cheer to those of you not in Houston and especially Aubrey and Dustin in Illinois! As a kid our elementary school always allowed us to where cowboy hats if we had one and this was the only time you were allowed to where hats in class. As a college student I never paid attention to this day, but now it's different. I've come to love Go Texan Day in the last few years because it is the only day in our office that we can where JEANS! As I've said before, our office does not have casual days (except weekends), so everyone jumps at the chance to dress casual. I even did a special load of laundry last night just so I would have jeans to wear today! :) I know this sounds silly, but when you dress up 5 days a week, you look forward to the little things! Hope everyone has a great day and not only enjoys Go Texan Day but also has a great Leap Day!


  1. Well, Happy Go Texan Day to you, too! That's a good picture.

    Enjoy your jean day (while they still fit!)... lol

  2. I totally understand the excitement over jeans day. At my old office it was also our only jeans day. We closed on our house on Go Texan day so I missed half of jeans day that year. It was a little sad.

  3. Every day is Go Texan Day for Dustin and me! People hate us for our Texan pride here ... it's really too bad. Or may I should stop talking it up so much. Haha.

  4. Charlton, go check out the cute conversation that Chloe and I had about you last night. It's on my blog.



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