Tuesday, December 11, 2007

6 degrees of separation

So much for trying to write every few days...Maybe this month I'll do better. :)

I can't believe what a small world it is. I never was really too sure about the "6 degrees of separation" theory until recently. Part of the reason I haven't written on my blog is because I spend my lunch hours reading other blogs. In the past month or so I've found so many of my friends'/aquaintances' blogs. The other day I realized that if you are a member of a Texas Church of Christ, you are bound to run into someone who knows another person you know. (Did I make any sense just now?) Here's what happened:

Clicked a link from a friends blog
Clicked random link from that blog
clicked random link from that blog
Clicked on name I recongized on that blog
found a picture of ME holding my friends baby on her blog!

I think its very fascinating. Now, I'm officially hooked on blogging! :) Now I feel the need to add links to my blog so that others can connect to their friends blogs. All of this is probably old news to all of you who have been blogging forever, but to me...it's awesome! :)


  1. Hi! I'm so glad you joined us here in blog world. You will find that you really appreciate people commenting on your blog so you don't feel like you are just out there floating in internet space.

    I love the blog world, too.

  2. yahoooo! Randomness about the whole thing...I wonder who posted the picture of you with their baby:)
    I used to be good about blogging but I must admit I've taking a brief break.
    I was frustrated the whole writing a caption thing didn't work. But what I was going to put under your photo was a shout out to friends like you who..who will hold my baby (and be my husband) so I can enjoy the fun with my preschooler...you are the BEST!!


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