Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We enjoyed ours very much. Below are some pictures from last week.

My sister Amanda and her pink flamingo.

All of us "kids" bought Daddy this beautiful peppermill from Fredericksburg.

My nephew O'Shea received a skateboard with 2 rollerblade wheels. There is no way I would ever get on one of those! :)

My brother Ryan gives our nephew James a ride on his shoulders.

Ryan and Granny on Christmas Eve.

My sister-in-law Aubrey and I at her parents' house.

Brandon and his brother Dustin.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's almost here!

Christmas is almost here!!! I'm so excited...can you tell? :) Brandon and I are taking the entire week off of work, so our vacation began today. For my first day of vacation I did all my laundry, made dessert for tonight, and wrapped present! Some vacation, huh? This week is going to be full of activities, but I know I will enjoy every minute of it! It's almost like the 12 days of Christmas...

Saturday - Christmas with my dad's family
Sunday - Theater with my mom to see "It's a wonderful life"
Monday - Christmas eve with my grandparents
Tuesday - Christmas with my mom's family
Wednesday - travel to Dallas to see Brandon's family
Thursday - Christmas dinner/gift opening with Brandon's family
Friday - Birthday party for Brandon's brother and sister-in-law
Saturday - Travel back from
Sunday - Christmas with Brandon's dad
Monday - work
Tuesday - Happy New Year!!!

Wow, just typing all of this has made me tired! :) Oh, well...this is the way it goes. Even with all that, I'm still very excited about Christmas. I love getting to spend time with family that I haven't seen in a while and family that I have seen recently. After Christmas I'll post pictures to show you our whirlwind of a Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I love to shop at Christmas! I really like choosing a gift for someone in the hopes that they will like it. For the last couple of years I have bought gifts online and had them shipped to my house. I think this might be the best way to shop! :) You don't have to deal with traffic or crowds and the best part is that you have a package at your door when you get home! I love that part because it's almost like Christmas to me every time I get to open a box. I know I won't be keeping the gift, but still I get to look at it, hold it, and sometime wish I had bought 2 (one for me and one for the other person).

Since I've been buying almost all of my gifts online, I had almost forgotten what it's like to actually shop in a store for a gift! :) I guess I don't have a favorite way to shop as long as I get to buy something! Tonight I went shopping at Bath and Body Works. I bet if your one of my family members you are wondering if that's what your getting from me...guess you'll have to wait and see! Anyways, back to BBW, I had so much fun smelling the different fragrances and picking out the gifts. And of course, I couldn't get out of the store without buying something for me! :) Does anyone else like Christmas shopping as much as I do?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

6 degrees of separation

So much for trying to write every few days...Maybe this month I'll do better. :)

I can't believe what a small world it is. I never was really too sure about the "6 degrees of separation" theory until recently. Part of the reason I haven't written on my blog is because I spend my lunch hours reading other blogs. In the past month or so I've found so many of my friends'/aquaintances' blogs. The other day I realized that if you are a member of a Texas Church of Christ, you are bound to run into someone who knows another person you know. (Did I make any sense just now?) Here's what happened:

Clicked a link from a friends blog
Clicked random link from that blog
clicked random link from that blog
Clicked on name I recongized on that blog
found a picture of ME holding my friends baby on her blog!

I think its very fascinating. Now, I'm officially hooked on blogging! :) Now I feel the need to add links to my blog so that others can connect to their friends blogs. All of this is probably old news to all of you who have been blogging forever, but to's awesome! :)
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