Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Preschool with Meredith - Week 11

I can't even remember when we did this lesson, but I know it was this spring! Ha!  I can't let Mackenzie have all the school posts.  I must document the other two girls' schooling! ;)

Our Bible lesson was about the 12 spies.  She colored this little coloring sheet of the 12 spies and all of them were green!  She likes to make people look super fun! ;)

We did a little worksheet I found about following God's directions.  I read the directions which were to circle the picture where the child is following God's word.  She asked if she could mark out the bad ones.  That is exactly what Mackenzie did with this same exact sheet, 2 years ago!  I guess there's something about making a mark on every picture.

Our animal for the unit (using 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's) was Frog.  Tracing and coloring...

And there might have been a few snacks too!
We used stamp markers with the q-tip painting sheets.  She liked it and I didn't have to get out paint! Win-win!

Cut and paste Frogs and flamingos.
Shapes and dot markers in a rainbow of colors.  How do you like her smile?  I like her real smile better! ;)

In addition to the Animal ABC's, we also did other letter F activities.  We sorted big F's and little f's.  The picture on the right is an F she thought looked funny (cursive).
This was a similar activity, but using dot markers.

We also did lots of Frog activities.  This frog sorting is from Montessori Print Shop and I think is still one of their freebie printables.  It was a little tricky because some of the frogs looked very similar.
Cutting and patterns from Mamasmonkeys' Frog in the Pond printables.

Which one is different is still a little difficult for her, but she did great on this one, also from Mamasmonkeys.  The clothespin activity has the letters on the clothespins and she has to match the letter to the name of the animal.  I printed this a year or two ago from 1+1+1=1.

The number order puzzle is from 2TeachingMommies' Frog pack (now A teaching mommy) and the count the turtle activity is from Homeschool Creations (pond pack).  Both were great at counting, recognizing numbers and one to one corresponding.

Upper and lowercase letter matching also in the pond pack from Homeschool Creations.

I apparently only documented one miscellaneous activity - sorting pom poms.  She played with them, of course, but we did practice size sorting.
Her completed display board for the letter F.

Next letter...G!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Meredith's Preschool Program

Meredith's end of year preschool program was a couple of weeks ago and just like the Christmas program, she did great!  She may be challenging at home sometimes, but at school, she is great and follows all of the rules, as you can see in the picture below.  She is walking in with her "bubble" in her mouth. ;)
We sat right behind Meredith. 

So did one our good family friends (who she is looking at).

Her cute little class!

I love that smile!  I may have a camera in front of my face at most events like this, but she still looks at me and smiles! ;)
Miranda did great, despite it being really close to bedtime!

Mackenzie sat with her friends (all with siblings in the program).  I even caught her singing along to the songs.

The full school singing!

Here are the videos if you want to listen to their cute songs.

Friday, May 15, 2015

So ready...

Mackenzie is out of school in 3 weeks and I am so ready!  This month we dropped Meredith's second day of swim lessons, so we have had a day of nothing planned for the last two weeks.  I'm ready for summer!  Plus, Meredith just finished school yesterday, so next week we will have 2 MORE days of "nothing scheduled".  Actually, our church playgroup starts up next week, but that's fun stuff, not scheduled drop offs and pick ups.  I'm ready for summer!  Just 13 more early mornings and then it's summer!  Did I mention I'm ready for summer?!

I'm super excited about having the girls home with me.  I miss them when they are gone all/half days!  I have so many things planned for our summer...trips, crafts, art journals, reading time and even learning stuff.  I know we probably won't do it all, but I have high hopes!  I went to Michaels the other day and bought a few fun things to do this summer and put that, along with other stuff we have at the house, in baskets so we can have easy access to all the fun summer stuff.

I also made a summer journal for the big girls.  I took a notebook and wrote a different activity on each page (library, crafts, playdates, etc.) and the girls can draw or write about each activity as it happens.  In some cases, it may be more of a tally or "passport" of how many times we did that activity, like the library or swimming.  I'm hoping it will help the girls with drawing and writing skills, bring excitement to the activities and in general, document our summer.

I've told the girls about most of the stuff I want to do and they seem excited.  Of course, I'm not sure I've mentioned that I want to limit the ipad and tv time too.  I'm pretty sure they won't be excited about that.  I'm hoping and praying that more time together and less tv time will calm the attitude.  I'm not sure if it's school, screen time or just the age, but I'm really tired of saying "are you speaking kind words?", "no talking if you can't say something nice", "don't be ugly to each other".  Hopefully, a busy summer with less TV will an more discipline will help.  And if I'm honest, I hope it helps me too.  I know my attitude is not the best sometimes, so I'm really ready to implement my "plan". ;)

3 more weeks! YAY!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I had planned on posting an "April Photo Love" post, but somehow I ran out of time in the month of April. Funny how that happens.  ;)  Anyways, I'm a little late, but here's what the little girls and I have been doing lately while Mackenzie is at school.  I was a last minute reader for Mackenzie's class one day last month, so all of us went to her class and then to lunch with her.

Miranda likes the girls bike helmets.  She was wearing this one day as we walked to Mackenzie's school.

 On another day, Meredith insisted on putting clip after clip in her hair.  I think we ended up with 22 clips by the time we were finished.  And surprise surprise, she wore them to pick up Mackenzie from school!
Little cuties!

 Miranda was so stopped up with a snotty virus that she had to breath with her mouth open.  Her dressed was covered in drool that day!
Miranda wants to be just like her big sisters!

 Meredith, Miranda and I went to eat lunch one day last week and enjoyed the nice weather outside!

Meredith's hair is getting so long and now she loves headbands, so I had to get a picture of her before school one day.
Miranda immediately joined in!

 Silly fun at Arby's! Ha!  Clearly, Miranda could care less. ;)

We can't wait for summer when we all the girls can be together again all day!
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